You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Golbow's Garage, Inc.:

Car broke down on Sunday afternoon, wrecker driver was great. In order to tow my truck, he had to take off the drive train. No complaints, greatly friendly and the tow costs very reasonable.

Peter S.

Awesome auto repair & wrecker service.

Ann T.

Service was fast and at a very reasonable rate. Google rating is what drew me to call them and it is well deserved.

Jonathan R.

Fast, great service!!!

David K.

Shout out to (wrecker driver) Buddy & Golbows towing service... Excellent service... Was stranded out in the rain and a long came Buddy & Golbow to the rescue.... Can't thank you enough thanks.

Lenny Z.

Changing my car tire took them a very short time and were very fairly priced.

Patrick C.

Fast service, very affordable. Hope not to have to use them again, but they’re definitely going to be the first to call if anything else ever happens to my car. Thank you Golbow for the excellent service.

Willie C.

Great service, Good price for service, Good service.

Marcial H.

Friendly, reliable & quality service.

Dan B.

Fabulous service!

Arlette C.

Quality service.

Robert H.

Honest and will not charge for work that does not need to be done.

Anabelle N.

I have known "Mac" at Golbows for 10 years. He has Always gone out of his way to help me. I know that I will Always be treated fairly and I have unquestioning trust in what he tells me I need or don't need. Everyone needs a good mechanic and a place they can take their vehicle to be repaired . My business has 4 vehicles that I trust Golbows with. I simply wouldn't go anywhere else.

Hank W.

Showed up early, great customer service, I highly recommend them.


Excellent tow service. Rescued my son’s truck from deep mud almost 100 yds from road. James was polite and professional. Hope I don’t need it again but if I do they will be first on the list to call.

Bronwyn C.

I only call and trust them, very fast and extremely friendly.

Darren O.

You guys are quick, courteous and professional. Thank you!

Bill M.

The driver who came to help me with my dead battery was awesome. Once we found out the battery was completely dead (could be jumped, but would die again once I turned off the car), he offered to follow me to NTB. I thanked him, but told him it wasn't necessary. He also offered to follow me to a gas station because the car was low on gas. So, the car would need to be jumped again, since I had to turn my car off. This level of service was unexpected, and greatly appreciated.

Jimmy N.

A great place to do car repairs extremely honest and professional.

Sandi K.L.G.H.

My Go To company for years. Always very nice, courteous, helpful & and trustworthy

Kathy D.T.

Their wrecker service picked up my vehicle and towed it. They were prompt and friendly. I have had my car at Golbows numerous times and they are very easy to deal with.

Linda M.

Very satisfied customer. Towing service took less that 15 minutes to arrive Sunday night after the Superbowl. Driver was quick and efficient. We had them tow the car to their garage for repair, since I read all the good reviews and I've seen their tow trucks around Katy for YEARS. Figured they'd be okay at the worst. Well, we were not disappointed. The repair service was quick and the cost was exactly what they said it would be. No upselling games, no dire warnings about things that are not really wrong to begin with. Price was actually reasonable, too! I hope I don't ever need their services again, but will not hesitate to use them again if I do. Good Job!!

Bob M.

These guys are the absolute best! They are upfront about what needs to be done, and what can wait until your next visit. They're prices beat the dealership hands down. Their customer service and support are the best in the business. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Adam W.

Awesome service!! Car was stuck on I-10 and the dispatcher was very helpful and the tow truck came ASAP! Garrett, the driver, was also very respectful and courteous. Thanks guys!

Caleb S.

I live hours away and my daughter got caught in a storm and stranded on a feeder road. I called them the dispatcher was so awesome and sympathetic. It made me feel so good that my daughter was in good hands. The driver was super nice to my daughter and got her safely to where she needed to be. Thank you for such great service. I will highly recommend Golbow's!!!!

Janie M.

Treated like Family!!!! OMG will use them for the rest of my time in Katy!!

Kelsey B.

Great service at an affordable price!

Jason H.

Will now be my permanent towing company and garage!! It's a one stop shop and you are treated like family!!!!

Mr. B.

I have used Golbow's Garage for over 25 years and they are honest and family owned. I recommend them for anyone looking for car repairs and towing services.

Linda R.

They've been my towing company my entire adult life. I have no complaints. They're good people.

Brad Z.

If you have a problem with your vehicle you should call Golbow's (if you are stranded they will come get you). They are always dependable, reliable, fair and friendly. I've depended on them for over twenty years and have never been disappointed. The service is the best and it really shows they care. I would recommend them to anyone. Not only are they the best service in Katy, but anywhere else too!

Pat H.